My Favorite Limited Ingredient Recipes

Waste Not, Want Not This seems like a good motto for the next few weeks. Below are a few of my favorite recipes that most days I can make with pantry staples and leftover items in my refrigerator. Simple soups and stews are the best way to stretch a few pounds of meat into multiple meals.  Increasing vegetables in a recipe is the other best option.  Or, limited on vegetables, I’ve got you covered  with a few quick and easy dinner options.   Cola Braised Pork Stew   Quick and Easy Grilled Chicken and Red Onion with Honey and Vinegar … Continue reading My Favorite Limited Ingredient Recipes

Chicken Cordon Bleu Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing

Chicken Cordon Bleu, what can I say. It just sounds sumptuous. Sweet, Salty ham, buttery cheese, wrapped in tender chicken. Why not turn it into a salad for summer? Finding a dressing to drizzle on top of my was the only challenge. Should it be cheesy, sweet, smoky, tangy, or creamy? Ranch, no! Caesar, too overpowering. It needs Dijon, but with a hint of sweetness and a dash of smoky. Over spinach a warm dressing will be fine. So I settled on a warm bacon dressing that doesn’t say, “Vinaigrette”, but still dresses the salad well. Chicken Cordon Bleu Salad … Continue reading Chicken Cordon Bleu Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing