About Melinda

Hi, my name is Melinda


 Welcome to my kitchen.

I am the happy wife of that amazing man.

We have 3 sons, one grown, one in college, and one in culinary school. I am well protected and blessed!

I can’t say that I love cooking.  What I do love, is making things that my men enjoy. I don’t like having a routine menu. Though, I do cook some favorites over and over, I always enjoy finding new favorite recipes.

Every recipe I write about is something I deem worthy of making again and again. 

Summer 2018 – I doubt you’ll mind… My experience with cooking blogs….

the picture and the recipe are all that I want.

I’d love to reply to any comments, but you may notice less monologue in my recipe posts, unless you need to know something it’s all about the recipe.

Welcome to

Sprinkle and a Dash

Also visit  chefology2015 where Jacob (my youngest) and I spent some of his Junior year in High School learning the Science of Good Cooking (America’s Test Kitchen).

Update: I’m so excited that Jacob found his talent in cooking. He is thriving in culinary school, and blessed with great mentor chefs in his classes, he truly has found his future as a chef.