About Melinda

Hi, my name is Melinda


 Welcome to my kitchen.

I am the happy wife of that amazing man up there.

We have 3 sons, one grown, one in college, and one in High School. I am well protected and blessed!

I can’t say that I love cooking.  What I love, is making things that my men enjoy. I don’t like having a routine menu. I do cook some favorites over and over, but I enjoy finding new favorite recipes.

 Though I am a fan of great chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Rick Bayless, and creative personalities like Martha Stewart,  you will not find a recipe for Beef Wellington, Oysters Rockafeller, or a great use for Caviar.

I AM inspired to cook the best food that I can.

Over the years I have made changes to recipes that I use.  When asked to share the recipe, I can’t always say, ” I found it here….” I have been wondering what to do with those recipes that have become my own???

So, here I begin.  If the original can be found, I will tell you from where I have adapted mine.

Welcome to

Sprinkle and a Dash

Come visit  chefology2015 where Jacob (my youngest) will be learning the Science of Good Cooking.