Cooking with Children: Gourmet for the Holidays

There’s no getting around it, a bunch of holidays are coming.

That means little ones will be home.

Why not keep them busy helping make some recipes for your holiday table.  Below are some wonderful options we will be making.

A Pumpkin Spice Ice Box Cake, sliced to reveal the pretty layers

Pumpkin Spice Icebox Cake

This no oven needed light pumpkin dessert is perfect after a heavy meal. Children will love setting it on the table and sharing that they made dessert.

Stuffed Endive Appetizer with Blackberries and Whipped Chèvre

These Stuffed Endive Appetizers  are amazing. They were a quick wedding reception appetizer for my son’s wedding a bit ago.

In class we substituted pomegranate arils for the blackberries to keep with our fall theme.

The Only Basic Stovetop Mac and Cheese Recipe You'll Ever Need | We like brown rice pasta here for three reasons: It’s whole-grain, it’s a dead ringer (taste- and texture-wise) for traditional pasta, and it’s gluten- free. You could also use a wheat- or chickpea-based pasta.

And what could be more child pleasing than a big bowl of Stovetop Mac and Cheese. We made the recipe with regular cream cheese and cheddar cheese rather than low fat.  It’s a great non-greasy, one pan, cheesy Mac and Cheese in 15 minutes.

Even my picky eater , “I don’t like cheese Mrs. M… ”  She ate a second helping.

Strawberry Heart Fruit Kabobs

If you’re looking for something the really little ones can help make, they can help create these beautiful Fresh Fruit Snowflake Kabobs . How pretty are these???

Look at these beauties…


Use homemade like we plan to or canned whole berry cranberry sauce for this sweet/savory appetizers.

Soft Glazed Gingerbread Bars

Don’t have time for gingerbread men or houses?  Soft and quick Gingerbread bars might satisfy their sweet tooth and yours.

Fun New Year's Eve Kid Recipe Idea

New Year’s Eve Cookies

Lastly, I can’t wait to make these with my students.  Sparkly cookies! Perfect for the New Year’s Eve table.

Have fun and  plan ahead to include them.  They will be so proud to share any one of these with family and friends.





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