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Cooking with Children: This is How We Roll

Cooking with children can be a challenge and messy.  But seeing them learn and explore flavors is rewarding.

Here are some recipes young children can help you make with just a little help.

Those Grilled Cheese Roll-ups don’t even need a recipe, just flatten out a slice of bread, add cheese, roll it up, and grill in butter. Yum!

For breakfast or a light dessert these  Lemon Crepes with Greek Yogurt and Lemon Filling are a favorite.

Need a quick healthy snack while working on some fine motor skills at the same time, try these…Mediterranean Cucumber and Hummus Roll-ups . Kids love using kitchen tools, just remind them a peeler is sharp.

Check out their smiles when  Cinnamon Roll Scones  come out of the oven. They can make these with some help!

Any twisted shape of pasta will work here to stick with our This is How We Roll theme – Twisty Pasta with Creamed Leek and Spinach. You’ll be surprised how quickly this dinner comes together, just toss in some shredded chicken for more protein.  Children actually do like leeks and spinach when enjoyed in this recipe.

Easier than pie,  Apple Pie Chimichangas are amazing drizzled with a little caramel syrup and topped with whipped cream or ice cream.  Children can help throughout the whole recipe, just use caution while frying these up.

Healthy Egg Rolls  I’ll admit the idea of baking makes them healthier, but frying in a little oil to crisp up the shells and then baking as instructed in the recipe is the ticket to flavor success.

Kids LOVE making these! Whether a store-bought crust or better yet homemade if you have the time, and in any flavor, you both will love these quick and easy…Mason Jar Lid Pies

If you want to try some flavors from other cultures with your children take a look at these too.  Cooking with Children – Around the World

Start them young, with patience and a watchful eye.  Have fun!


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