Travel Tip - Egg and Fruit Basket

Travel Tip – Egg and Fruit Baskets

Question?  How many eggs can you fit in a 1 lb. strawberry carton?

Travel Tip - Egg and Fruit Basket

June always calls for a trip to the mountains for my family.  A getaway from all things “man made” to enjoy all things “God made.”  I NEED a break from city life and loads of people.  Mountains are my paradise. They may stand unmoved through time, but yet they are ever-changing.  Green or golden, shrouded in fog or gleaming in sunlight I will take them over a beach most any day. The taller the better.

Travel Tip - Egg and Fruit Basket
Lake TJ, Sierra Nevadas in California

Today, I am tackling a new set of mountains…laundry.  We are back and life goes on.

But, I just happen to have a few tips to share. While packing I always try to clean out of the refrigerator anything I expect to spoil while we’re gone. Last week it was strawberries and cherry tomatoes.  I was about to toss away the containers when I wondered if they might have a second use.

How many eggs can I fit in a 1 lb. strawberry carton?  13 

Not too tight, but not able to jiggle and break during a 6 hour drive. No more soggy cardboard carton in an ice chest, no more long cumbersome egg container. Nice tight and compact, fit anywhere egg basket with 13 eggs.

Travel Tip 2 - Egg and Fruit Basket

The leftover cardboard egg carton perfectly protected 8 apricots without a bruise. Again, a 6 hour drive and not one bruise.

Travel Tip 3 - Egg and Fruit Basket

Lastly, the cherry tomato carton held a whole cluster of grapes without the stems.

In three little containers I had all my fragile perishables protected and ready to use at our campsite.

Not a bruise, not a crack, NO mess.



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