These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things… Must Have Autumn Favorites

This is a special week. I’m not allowed to cook this week. 

So what can I share instead?

Let’s Talk Pumpkin

Pumpkin pic

I love cooking my families favorite things. Especially My Man’s favorites.

He is addicted to Pumpkin Pie, especially when fall arrives.

One year I made 2 pumpkin pies for him each week from October until mid- January when he finally ended his Pumpkin addiction.

I am not kidding!

  Because of this addiction I have tried so many pumpkin recipes, dozens of pies, puddings, muffins, and breads, including those Impossible Pumpkin Pie Muffins (a little disappointed in those).

After trying dozens of recipes, looking for the smoothest custard with just the right mix of sweet and spicy I have two Pumpkin Pie Winners.

Plus, a recent Pumpkin addition to breakfast.

 #1 Favorite Pumpkin Pie recipe:  Best Pumpkin Pie filling

– My only adjustments to this recipe – Use 1 Cup Heavy cream, double the cinnamon and ginger. Bakes best 30 minutes at 425 degrees then 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

 #1 Favorite Crustless (Gluten-free) Pumpkin Dessert –  Southwestern Pumpkin Flan

– Made this last year and it was a big hit. A luscious crustless pumpkin pie with carmel sauce. Canned Dulce de Leche thinned with a little water worked wonderfully instead of the caramel step, if you are afraid of making your own caramel. Omit the chipotle if you aren’t a fan, but you will miss out, they are amazing together!

NEW Pumpkin for Breakfast Favorite – Pumpkin Pancakes

–  Add chopped Crystalized Ginger to batter for a little extra ginger kick.

#1 Sweet Potato Makeover –  Ginger Molasses Butter

– I could top muffins, pumpkin bread, pancakes, or toast with this butter. Actually, alone by the spoonful would suit me just fine.

Molasses Ginger Butter
Sorry its not clear, the pork loin was the reason for the picture at the time.

#1 Favorite Fall/Christmas Cookie –  Butterscotch Gingerbread Cookies

– I love Gingerbread like my man likes pumpkin.  These are so chewy and wonderful, one is never enough. They keep well in the freezer and thaw, spicier and chewier than fresh off the counter.


#1 Fall Favorite Cake – Pear and Ginger Upside-Down Cake

– A good excuse to buy pears, or use up over ripe or bruised pears. Sticky and dense, full of flavor treat.

#1 Fall Favorite Bundt Cake – Gingerbread Cake

– I have a gorgeous Nordic Ware Gingerbread House bundt pan, that makes a great centerpiece cake for the holidays.  It is So moist. It’s even good with Blackstrap Molasses. Bakes up in 45 – 50 minutes in my Gingerbread House mold. Comes out of the pan perfectly, just dust with powdered sugar and it is ready to serve. Or, bake in a regular bundt pan or mini bundts and serve with Creme Anglaise.

NEW Fall Favorite Apple Dessert – Caramel Apple Galette

Flaky crustSliced Apple Galette

– I have always been a pie flunkie.  I couldn’t make a perfect pie crust if my life depended on it.  But this year my 16 year old son and I are learning cooking techniques together and blogging about what we have learned at  Chefology2015.

A few weeks ago we made this Apple Galette and then we made it two more times for guests. I can’t wait to use it for making pumpkin pie. It was so good you actually WANT to finish the crust!


#1 Fall Favorite Dinner – Posole

–  So much of a favorite that when I sat down to begin a blog I didn’t start with a dessert. I started with this often requested recipe.  To my family “Posole” defines “comfort food”.


November begins on Sunday!

Let the Holiday food planning begin!

Don’t forget to play in the leaves.


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