Frosty Limoncello



 Frosty Limoncello
Frosty Limoncello

(You have to say it in your best Italian accent)

   Infusions cont.

Crisp, Citrus flavor that is sweet and frosty.

I think this is my favorite of the infusions, Summer in a bottle.

Last month I shared an experiment I have been preparing for Christmas presents. Infusions / Cordials

Limoncello is a continuation of that experiment with infusions. I combined a few recipes to make this first batch of Limoncello.  Some recipes steep the lemon peels for 7-14 days others 40 days.

Lemon peel ready to be steeped in Vodka.
Lemon peel ready to be steeped in Vodka.
Steeping Lemon peels Day #1.
Steeping Lemon peels Day #1.

While there was plenty of color in the liquid after 7 days, I decided to let the peels steep for the full 40 days.

Lemon peels after 14 days steeping in Vodka.
Lemon peels after 14 days steeping in Vodka.

Though finding a dark, cool space is always a hassle, there is nothing complicated about making infusions.  They are uncomplicated and require only a little bit of physical attention and patience.  I love that they can be made in the summer when I am free from my teaching schedule and then bottled and set aside for gifts.

I may be done with my Christmas list early this year!

Can you see me smiling?

So how do you make Limoncello?

All you need are some ripe organic lemons, some Vodka or grain alcohol, and a large jar. Later you will need sugar and water, but that is it.  I had a couple of 1 quart jars. So I used those.

Hint:  Save the vodka bottle, it is perfect for storing the Limoncello once it has been made.  My big bottles are now hiding in the back of the closet waiting to be poured into smaller decorative bottles and be given as gifts.

Saving till Christmas
Saving till Christmas

Wonderful uses for Limoncello:

Tiramisu al Limoncello

Summer Berry Medley

Limoncello Freeze

Or store in the freezer to be enjoyed all by itself.

I saved a small maple syrup bottle for this very purpose.

Frosty Limoncello
Frosty Limoncello

Limoncello Recipe:


7-8 Lemons scrubbed and peeled

3 C. Vodka, need another 1 1/2 C. later

2 C. Sugar

2 1/2 C. water


Carefully peel lemons away from the white pith in large sections if possible. The pith will add a bitter flavor, so scrape away as much as is possible.

Put peels in sterilized jar or container to be stored, add 3 C. of Vodka. Seal and store in a dark cool space.  Stir or shake very few days.

After 40 days, strain off lemon peels from the vodka and pour into a larger bottle, dissolve the 2 C. sugar in 2  1/2 C. water and add to the lemony vodka.  Add another 1  1/2 C. Vodka to this bottle. Shake to make sure sugar is dissolved.

I poured some into a small bottle and stored it in the freezer to enjoy in small amounts nice and frosty. Or I’ll use it in some dessert options.

Arrivederci for now!

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